The DICE Academy Project

Now in its fourth year, LYIT/ATU's DICE_TY Academy brings together 100 Transition Year students from around Donegal, to come up with new ideas for a product, service, or experience for a different theme each year. To date we have had Linger Longer where students developed ideas to encourage people to extend their stay in Malin Head in partnership with Failte Ireland and the Wild Atlantic Way; The Happiness Project which challenged participants to develop ideas to improve their chosen user group’s happiness and The Future Project where with the help of specialists from Donegal County Council and other experts the students developed solutions necessary in 2040. This year’s challenge is The Power Project, and we are excited to see how the DICE Academicians respond to this very open brief.

DICE TY Academy

Building on Letterkenny Institute of Technology's DICE - Design, Innovation Creativity and Enterprise Annual Conference, staff in the Department of Design and Creative Media at LYIT have designed DICE_TY Academy. An engaging and motivating initiative, inspiring a group of 15-16 year olds from around Donegal to believe in creativity and entrepreneurship as key characteristics of their futures.

Each year Dice_TY Academy brings together 100 Transition Year students from five different schools, to come up with new ideas to create a product, service or experience that can be used (and sold!). Students follow a custom design thinking process developed by LYIT entitled UNIQUE. The students receive workshops and interactive lectures to guide them through the process.